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Temecula Web Design ServicesTemecula Web Design Services have been staying ahead of recent changes as Google recently announce that it is changing it’s algorithms where it will be ranking sites which are mobile ready (Responsive Designs) higher than non mobile ready platforms. What does that mean for your business? If you saw that your company was ranking high for a specific search term, then don’t be shocked if you loose your rankings if your site is not mobile ready with a responsive design.  Temecula Web Design Services recently implemented our new standard to where all new sites will be developed which meet and exceed Googles standards with Responsive ready website designs. Your business will lose money if you don’t have a mobile version of your website.  The best way to accomplish this is to have a responsive website.  A responsive website uses the same domain name as your main website, in fact it is your main website.  The only difference is that your site scales and changes with the screen sizes of laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Temecula Web Designs services can either convert your current website to a responsive design, or create a totally new one which may be easier. It is imperative that your site is not only responsive, but optimized fully to rank highly in search engines.

People often inquire if it is better to go with a separate mobile website versus changing over to the a Responsive Design. With a separate mobile website, you may find that you may need to change both the mobile and standard site (double the work), versus changing over to a Responsive website. Look at both the pro’s and con’s before having two platforms to manage.

Let’s face it, in the current era of smart phones, it is imperative that your site is mobile friendly.

Confused on whether to invest in a separate mobile friendly website or go for a responsive design for your existing layout? Here are some points to ponder before you make the final decision! Take a look:

Temecula Web Design Services: First Things First – Which One Is Visually Appealing?

On a mobile website, the view is essentially a small version of the website which shows the site, but the user will have to zoom in to see specific elements of the site.

On a responsive design, elements are stacked and optimized so the user does not need to increase the view size or scroll across the screen to see all the elements. Responsive designs are flexible, fast, and user friendly.

Do I need to change anything with my Domaine if I go with a Mobile website versus a Responsive Design?

With a mobile design, you actually have to create a new domain to host the site which is okay, but it could affect incoming traffic.

With a responsive design, there are no multiple domains, no extra hassles, just a small tweak in the code which we implement and everything is taken care of!

Will SEO be affected by going to a Responsive Design?

Temecula Web Design Services only programs with responsive design, everything will be SEO’d for both mobile devices and standard website layouts. By having one platform, we will be able to effectively optimize your site for the best possible rankings.

What about Website Maintenance (mobile website versus responsive)?

On a mobile website, constant updates and changes are necessary to keep up with the changing technologies and latest next-generation Smartphones hitting the market.

While with a responsive design, you can bring functionality to your fingertips! Requiring minimal maintenance, a responsive website design is designed for future ready websites so you can reap maximum benefits and attract consistent traffic without any extra hassle on your part.

Still have question on which route to go? (Mobile versus Responsive)

Contact  us today to learn more about responsive website design and how these features will benefit your business.

You can also contact us and get a quote on designing a responsive website for various mobile and smart devices. We look forward to hearing from you.

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