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On Page Optimization Factors and Ranking

Why should I SEO to begin with?

Well that is the $1,000,000 question, and one that should be asked! Google serves up the top 10 results on page 1 based on what people are searching for in the Google Search Window. If your company is ranked #1 for a specific term, then you could expect that your website will receive about 35% of all clicks, 16% for #2, and 10% in the #3 position. It starts to become very diluted after that. Basically, the more clicks you are receiving, the more potential customer engagement you will have, thus resulting in more profit. *The above numbers come straight from Google! 

Google Searches

Google Searches

The cost of not having a site which is properly SEO'd (lost potential revenue), far outweighs the costs of SEO services!

On page optimization

On Page Optimization Includes

Keyword Analysis - We help  identify your target market and go after specific keywords in your market with both long tail and short tail keywords. This is probably the number one thing we like to identify before we start building out  content pages or modifying them if your site is already built. 

Website Content - We ensure that we optimize all the key on-page parameters including: Page titles, meta tags, keywords, descriptions, alt image tags, and ensure that your copy meets Google standards for specific keywords.

Google Analytics - We install google analytic code on your site so that you can measure the performance of your site visitors in great detail! We will also train you on how to access key components and measurements data so you can see the growth of your campaigns.

XML Sitemaps Created - Sitemaps are important to all the major search engines as it helps the crawlers easily with organized content.

Google Penalty Check - We will run a check on you site to see if Google is penalizing your site, find them, and fix them when possible.

PRICING - Variable (depends on both amount of content and pages)




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