Responsive Design

Responsive Design

CMS Responsive Frameworks

All of our new projects are designed on responsive CMS (Content Management System) frameworks such as Joomla, and Wordpress. Having a responsive design is imperative to have as more and more people are turning to their mobile devices to look browse  internet. Many people inquire if Wix has a Responsive platform, but currently it does not. 

Responsive Design FAQ’s

What is a responsive website?

Simply put, a responsive website is one which adapts to most browsers and screen sizes where the website is being served to (i.e mobile device, tablet, or PC). The layout automatically adjusts so that it fits the screen and the user does not need to use scroll bars on a small screen to see the images.

Do I need a responsive website design? YES!

As of the end of 2014

64% of Americans own a smartphone.

As of January 2014:

90% of American adults own a cell phone

32% of American adults own an e-reader

42% of American adults own a tablet computer

With the above numbers in mind, the market trend keeps on rising with people using their smartphones more regularly than they do laptops and computers. With that being said, if your website is not responsive, then the user will quickly navigate to another site so they are not bothered with a site they have to scroll through.

What about SEO and responsive website designs, is there a difference?

All of our websites are designed to be responsive with all the SEO tools that you need for optimization. From an SEO point, you will still have one URL, and you will not have to worry about some sites only linking to your mobile site, and others to desktop versions.

Will my mobile site work with all browsers?

All the latest and most used browsers such as: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc., support responsive website designs. Some older versions of Explorer do not support Responsive Designs. 

How do I check to see if my website is responsive?

Simple! Just open up any of the top suggested browsers on a computer, and then manipulate the corner edges of the window screen. If it is responsive you will see the images and text squeeze and automatically stack elements as the site resizes itself. If it is not responsive, you may see scroll bars appears where you have to scroll right and left to view images and text. Google has started to drop the rankings of sites which are not responsive!

Is the cost of developing a mobile responsive website more expensive than a non-responsive site?

No, not at all! All of our designs are based on responsive platforms which is included in the price of development.