Best Time to Post on Facebook

There are many different articles that you may find on the internet regarding what the best time to post on Facebook is. This is a widely debated subject and it could honestly vary from who is writing the article, and what industry they are in. If you look at Facebook as a whole, there is a higher percentage of people who are engaged in Facebook on Thursdays, and Fridays, between 9:00am - 7:00pm. Based on this broad look at Facebook, it would make sense that you would want to target your postings to receive maximum engagement on those days and between those hours. 


Best time to post on Facebook

The above chart is a good metric to start with; we believe that every industry and business will have their own unique behavior flow and user experience. The only way to truly gauge  what is most effective is to experiment with a lot of different posts, on different days, and different times, and then measure your results. Once you start to see trends with your fan base and how they are engaging with your page, you will intelligently be able create the most effective strategy to maximize your marketing efforts.  

To do this, you will want to look into the power of Facebook Insights on your business page which will give you a lot of information! Like every good marketer, you will want to measure engagement every month to see true trends of behaviors. Trying to look at it daily or weekly may waste a lot of time, and you could start straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel. 

Facebook Insights

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Step 1: Click on 'Facebook Insights' on your Business Page

*You must be logged as the 'administrator' to view your insights, this can be done by being logged into your personal profile and navigated to your business 'page'. 




Facebook post Metrics

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Step: 2: On the 'Facebook Insight' page, make sure you click on the tab and link which say's 'Post'.

After clicking on the post's links, you will see two graphs which will appear showing your 'Organic Reach' and how many time people saw the posts in their news feeds (Not interacted with the post), along with the time of day people saw your post. After some time and maturing, you will be able to see where your traffic flow is peaking, and where you may have the greatest impact when you post at the appropriate times. Remember, that you need to have a little bit of time behind you so you can analyze the data to maximize your impact with your fans on future posts. 



Facebook Post Results

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Step 3: Analyzing  the Data

A) Type of posts - Link, Photo, Video, etc. You will more than likely see that photos by and far are the most engaging posts which fans and users interact with on Facebook. Look at your own metrics and determine what type of posts are getting the most engagement for your campaign. Be creative, try different approaches with different types of posts. Social Media Blade recommends that you learn Photoshop or a similar type of photo editing software so that you are able to create a lot of different types of posts to experiment with. 

B) Organic Reach - The more engagement (likes, clicks, and comments) you receive for a given post will drive up your Organic Reach. Facebook wants to serve up quality content to users, so if you are posting up quality content, Facebook will keep your posts at the top of your fans pages so that it is seen. It does sound like a popularity contest, and it is! The more popular you are with engagement, then the more you will be seen. 

C) Engagement - This is where you can analyze what types of posts are receiving the best type of engagement with your fans, and then build upon that strategy as you get to know your fan base. 

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