Facebook Posting Frequency

Facebook posting frequency

Facebook posting frequency


There are  many people who ask what the balance of Facebook Posting Frequency to be effective and not alienating their fan base. Many people and businesses often ask how often should they post to Facebook, and that is a good question. To be honest, it may vary from business to business and it also depends on what kind of content you are posting. I always like to recommend that posting good content is always more effective than just putting up random things to be in peoples faces.

Many large brands and companies will target 2 posts per day on Facebook for brand recognition, they have dedicated social marketing personnel whose jobs are to create and consistently update various social networks daily. If companies post more than twice daily, it may start to annoy their fan base to the point where their fans will not bother to look or click on posted posts. Think about the time when Facebook first came out, and everyone was posting where they were, or when they were drinking a cup of coffee. I don’t know about you, but after a while, I would get annoyed and end up de-friending them as they were clogging up my news feed.


It is important to post informative or engaging content so that when someone runs across your Facebook posts, they feel inclined to click on the post! I have a client who felt that they would rather post 3 new pieces of content a week; yet, we strategized on how we can have an effective reach without upsetting their fan base. Every time you post to your business page, only 16% of your fans will see the post in their news feed, and even less than that will click on it or take action. It is okay to repost the same content on your feed the next day but at a different time. There may a drop off of organic reach and engagement through time, unless it is really a dynamic piece which has a lot of engagement. Not everyone is on Facebook at the same time, so varying up your post schedule is recommended.

I have a client who decided to focus in on Quality versus Quantity and has had great results. This is how we structured things:

*Monday (8:00am) – Post new article from website on: a) Business Page news feed

*Tuesday (4:00-6:00pm)- Reposted article from website on a) Business Page, b) Specific Groups, and c) Personal Page

*Wednesday (8:00am) – Posted engaging photo on: a) Business Page news feed

*Thursday (4:00-6:00pm) – Posted same engaging photo on: a) Business Page, b) Specific Groups, and c) Personal Page

*Friday (8:00am) – Posted Video on: a) Business Page news feed

*Sunday (6:00pm) – Re-posted Vide on: a) Business Page, b) Specific Groups, and c) Personal Page

My client had more likes, comments, and engagement on what we posted than if we tried to constantly put out new material each day.

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